Why does the aeronautics industry require a strong transport network to Morocco?




Why does the aeronautics industry require a strong transport network to Morocco?

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Among other reasons, because Boeing recently signed an agreement to install 120 aeronautics companies in Tangiers, meaning a considerable rise in production and exports


The Moroccan aeronautics industry is enjoying a boom, a golden age. The investments of the big European consortiums and companies are growing, with a powerful industry developing alongside it. As a result, the exchange of goods, mainly between Morocco and Europe, is on the rise. And one of the essential factors in ensuring that all of this machinery is well oiled and works at full steam is an efficient, fast and safe network of transport to Morocco.

At ARIN EXPRESS we know the importance of express transport in keeping the industry ticking over at full speed. Knowing that orders will arrive on time and in perfect condition is essential if the sector isn’t to suffer.

In the specific case of Morocco, we have had our own office in Tangiers since 2006. More than 10 years of presence and experience in the outbound/inbound export and import countries are an important guarantee for our customers. We understand the urgent transport needs of suppliers and producers and have the means to offer them the best response to those needs thanks, partly, to having our own vehicle fleet in Morocco.

For an urgent transport company like ours, specialising in the haulage of capital goods for the aeronautics and automotive industries, work in the African country has been intense for some years now.

And the trend is set to continue, given that only a few months ago Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, signed an agreement with Boeing for the installation very near Tangiers of an industrial zone occupied by 120 suppliers of the North American aeronautics company. The new ‘Boeing ecosystem’ will make it possible to create thousands of new jobs and a turnover in the region of 1 billion dollars.

Today the aeronautics industry is the 5th in Morocco as far as exports are concerned. The efforts made by the African country to promote the industry are enormous. In fact, Morocco is now among the top 15 countries in the world regarding investments in the industry.

At ARIN EXPRESS we keep a close eye on this activity given the repercussions its positive evolution will have on us. We continue to improve by the day and to increase our network of contacts and logistics partners in order to be able to offer our customers the best and safest transport services to Morocco.

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