Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on transport companies: how to deal with them?



Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on transport companies: how to deal with them?

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  • The lockdown enforced in different countries has gravely affected the international transport of goods 

  • At Arin Express, we have been able to confirm that we count on the best team and all the necessary tools to adapt to the most complex situations


At Arin Express, we have suffered from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic just like many companies in the international transport industry. However, thanks to our great team full of professionals and the tools at our disposal, we have managed to overcome this hard blow and get back to normal. Here we talked about the changes made to our facilities after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

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How is the pandemic affecting the international transport industry?

Lockdown, implemented by different countries at the beginning of the pandemic, meant that much of the EU industry was either working below minimum levels or had to cease its activity altogether. In addition, more negative consequences arose when many important sectors such as the automotive industry stopped production and borders were closed.

It is worth mentioning that a study carried out by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) states that there will be an overall 18% decrease in the turnover of transport companies worldwide this year, amounting to around 550,000 euros; figures that reflect the damage caused.


Many companies in the industry have redirected their activity

At Arin Express, we have made some changes to our usual operations:

  • We have observed and tested options that were previously under early development or ‘drafted’ stages.
  • We have started working with clients in sectors such as retail and pharmaceuticals, which until now were almost symbolic names in our portfolio.
  • We have put into operation new software tools that were planned for the future, such as implementing the e-Cmr.


What effect has the pandemic had on foreign trade?

The outlook has changed due to the important break the industry in Spain has undergone. The balance between imports and exports is increasingly unbalanced, leading to ever highercosts. Every country in which we operate has a specific feature that we try to tackle on a daily basis.


The most complicated aspect to manage

During the months of March, April and May, there have been instances in which drivers coming from Spain were forced into quarantine. Fortunately, since June, the situation has returned to normal.


So, what does the future hold?

Although there are many aspects we cannot control, which end up creating uncertainty, we are optimistic about the future. We have discovered that we are able to adapt to any situation and succeed, and at Arin Express, we have the tools to do so again if necessary.


A very important lesson

During this time, we have been able to confirm that regardless of the tools we have, the most important part is the people behind them. Personal relationships have gained importance.


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