Hand Courier or Hand Carry, the most urgent of all urgent transport options


Hand Carry


Hand Courier or Hand Carry, the most urgent of all urgent transport options

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  • At ARIN EXPRESS we can cut shipment transit times by 60% or 70% when the circumstances and the client so require


Hand Courier  or Hand Carry (delivery by hand) is the service that best reflects the essence of express transport: successfully responding to the most pressing transport requirements by clients with extreme needs.

In general, they are small goods on which the purpose of a given business activity may depend: for example, where a company is forced to temporarily stop production because a specific part in a mechanical system needs changing; or where a mistake has been made in a shipment of screws; or where a cargo plane is grounded because it is waiting for a spare part… These are urgent situations in which every second counts.

The Hand Carry service is also an option for sending delicate material (prototypes, documents…) or which is important enough to require special supervision while in transit.

Given the frequency with which hand couriers use commercial flights in order to be at the specified place on time, this service is also known as OBC (On Board Courier).

Acquiring experience, good organisation and quick (very quick) decision-making, are the three main cornerstones to offer a high-quality Hand Carry service. It is also important to have staff with a spirit of adventure, who have good language skills and who can deal with all the difficult situations that can arise along the way. A fast response is essential, as any minor indecision can be the difference between catching or missing a flight, and therefore, between arriving on time at the destination or not.

At ARIN EXPRESS we plan the journey carefully, solving any problems related to customs regulations. We also offer tracking information about the shipment at every stage of the journey. We can cut a shipment’s transit time by 60% or 70%.

Here are just a few recent cases that ARIN EXPRESS has successfully completed, thanks to our Hand Courier service.


A bicycle manufacturer was going to take part in a new season show in the capital of Italy. When they unpacked on their arrival in Rome, they realised that one of the new bicycles that they wanted to present was missing. This was a disaster, given that the company does not develop many new models each year. They became aware of the missing bicycle on the Friday around midday, and the show was the following morning, Saturday. They contacted us and one of our hand couriers was able to catch a plane to Rome at 6:00 p.m. that same Friday, and deliver the bicycle to the client at 11:00 p.m.


A car manufacturing plant in Frankfurt received the wrong screws. The order for the correct screws was going to take around 28 or 29 hours to arrive by land transport, which would mean the plant would have to stop production, with all that this would entail. They contacted us at two in the afternoon, and just three hours later, one of our hand couriers was already on a plane. At 10:30 p.m. that same day, we delivered enough screws to the client to keep the plant running until the land shipment arrived.


Another car plant in the north of Spain was going to present a new model. Unfortunately, the prototypes were sent to one of the manufacturer’s other plants in Tunisia by mistake. We sent a person to Tunisia and were able to deliver the parcel at its destination within 30 hours. A regular shipment would have taken 4 or 5 days. In this case, we had to carry out intense customs negotiations so that the parcel could travel on the plane.


These are just three examples of how, in a matter of hours, we manage to solve critical urgent transport situations for our clients. These cases have all been dealt with from the ARIN EXPRESS head office in San Sebastián. Our offices in Barcelona and Tangier also offer this Hand Courier service and we have recently carried out trips from there to China and Thailand.

If we can help you with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.