Transport to Morocco, the Key to Strengthen the Country’s Economic Power


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Transport to Morocco, the Key to Strengthen the Country’s Economic Power

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  • The so-called ‘door to Africa’ is becoming one of the world’s 50 largest economies. Last year it reached $3.6 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI), 36% more than in 2017

  • ARIN EXPRESS has its own office in Tangier since 2006, with a team that specialises in express transport to this country, for both imports and exports to or from any destination in Europe and Turkey


Any country aspiring to go up the world economic ladder must have a powerful and reliable express transport network. Regarding both infrastructures (ports, roads, airports), and logistics (express transport companies). It is key to the optimal development of business activity and growth. In the case of Morocco, the trade in goods with the European Union is growing every year due to the high industrial development the country is undergoing. Morocco is one of Europe’s main clients, an increasingly important client:


  • According to the Doing Business ranking, Morocco is now becoming one of the world’s 50 largest economies. It is ranked 53rd out of 190 countries, having risen 7 posts in comparison to the previous classification. Economies are classified according to their ‘business acumen’, with cross-border trade being one of the most important variables.
  • Last year, Morocco reached $3.6 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI), 36% more than in 2017, according to Ireland, France, United Arab Emirates, Denmark and Spain, in that order, were its top 5 investors. In Africa, Morocco improves its position as a priority destination for foreign companies, having just Egypt ($6.8 billion), South Africa ($5.3 billion) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo ($4.3 billion) above.


Part of that foreign investment went to the automotive industry. Major multinationals (Renault, Peugeot…) have set their eyes on Morocco because of the enormous possibilities this country offers to produce vehicles at lower costs and with qualified workforce. We know what we are talking about. ARIN EXPRESS specialises in the automotive industry.


We have our own office in Tangier to organise transport to Morocco -both imports and exports-, with its own sales and operations team. We own vehicles and our database contains thousands of contacts of self-employed drivers and other logistics partners, which makes it possible for us to offer companies the solution that best adapts to their express transport needs. Among our services are the search for the best transport option and the management of customs documentation. We offer 24-hour coverage and continuous tracking of freights.

We have, in fact, an APP to track our vehicles, which allows us to have an on-time control of our entire operational fleet, and to manage the services assigned by the client with each driver directly. It also helps us to see the freight delivery CMR at the time it occurs. This reduces our number of incidences considerably.

Recently, we have added a new section (Client Area) to our website, from which clients themselves, after logging in with a password, can track their shipments in real time, through a map that points out their exact location, and some interesting data, such as the number of kilometres left for the shipment to reach its destination, or the estimated time of arrival.

We are, therefore, more than ready to do our bit for Morocco’s economy to keep developing: A powerful and reliable transport network to ensure a swift and secure trade in goods with Europe.


If you need to make a shipment to Morocco, call us. You will be in the best hands.