Transport to Turkey: 5 Essential Aspects for an Optimal Service


Transport to Turkey


Transport to Turkey: 5 Essential Aspects for an Optimal Service

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  • ARIN EXPRESS has a commercial office in Istanbul with its own operational structure to organise the entry and exit of good


Turkey is one of the 20 most industrialised countries in the world, and has an intense trade relationship with the European Union. Last year, 50% of its total exports went to the ‘old continent’ (especially Germany and the United Kingdom), according to ICEX data, while 36% of its imports also came from Europe. Despite the fact that the country has many ports, almost every transport of goods to Turkey is done by road, mainly by lorry (76%), according to estimates by the Turkish Ministry of Transport.

One of the main products exported and imported by Turkey are those related to the automotive industry, precisely one of ARIN EXPRESS’ specialities -apart from aeronautics-. This was, in fact, one of the main reasons -although not the only one- that pushed us to open a new commercial office in Istanbul in 2018. We also took into account:


  • The reduced presence of express transport logistics operators in Turkey.
  • The strong demand from our clients in Europe and Morocco that also have production plants in Turkey. This enabled us to offer them a service in which they already trusted at a much more competitive price.


Encouraged by these motivations, ARIN TURKEY was born, and the balance after these first 12 months is completely satisfactory. The commercial office in Istanbul has its own structure for organising the exit and entry of goods, and it is constantly connected to our headquarters in San Sebastián. Throughout this time, we have increased our turnover by consolidating clients we already had and attracting new ones.

But why such an advantageous outcome in such a short time? These are, in our opinion, the 5 key points that make possible the good transport we provide to Turkey:



ARIN EXPRESS has been fully dedicated to the urgent transport of goods throughout Europe and Morocco for 20 years now. We have a deep knowledge of the industry, its functioning and intricacies, which enables us to anticipate any issues that may arise. We have learned to get back to the client quickly, to be effective, transparent and, above all, safe.



The fact that we have been intensely transporting to Morocco for more than a decade (with an office in Tangier since 2006) has helped us a lot when offering the same quality in transport to Turkey. We had all the customs formalities and processes, mandatory documentation, necessary insurance, personnel, etc. in order.



We provide useful information to companies on the documentation required to transport to or from Turkey. This helps to speed up the processing of compulsory commercial documents, which is very important in express transport, where every minute counts.



We have an application to track transports in real time and visualise the delivery of freights in the very moment in which they occur, in the CMR. This technology has enabled us to considerably reduce incidents. From the Client Area section of our website, clients can track their lorries in real time. On access, a map showing the exact location of each ongoing transport along interesting data such as the estimated time of arrival at the destination, will be displayed.



We always look for the best vehicle option, and get back to our clients quickly. If we are provided with the information (zip codes, and names of the loading and unloading areas, as well as the measurements and weights of the packages), we will provide a quote within 15 minutes. 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year.


These are the 5 key points that make it possible for us to offer our clients optimal transport to Turkey. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us.