ARIN EXPRESS continues to grow, opening an office in Istanbul


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ARIN EXPRESS continues to grow, opening an office in Istanbul

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  • The new office is largely due to demands of our clients in Europe and Morocco. Many of them also have production plants in Turkey

  • This will allow us to increase business volume: we will consolidate current clients, and also convince new ones, thanks to our “proximity” to them


ARIN EXPRESS kicked off as an urgent transport company almost 20 years ago in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa, Spain). Along with our original headquarters, we opened up in a new office in Tangier in 2006, which helped us to specialise in transport to Morocco. 10 years later, we opened up in a delegation in Barcelona. Now, in 2018, it’s Istanbul’s turn (Turkey). This is a strategic market that holds huge potential for us.

Turkey is amongst the 20 most industrialised countries in the world. Although it has several commercial ports, most freight transport is conducted by roadway. Automobiles are at the top of foreign commerce, as well as importations. This happens to be an area we are highly specialised in as an express transport company, along with capital goods for the aeronautical sector. On the other hand, Turkey’s main clients are EU countries: 47.9% of exports and 39% of imports.


So, it was just a matter of time until we set off to open an office in Turkey.



  • Time.
  • It was matter of keeping on doing things right, growing and adding new technologies to offer increasingly reliable and personalised services to companies.
  • A matter of our clients’ demands and requirements in Europe and Morocco, many of which also have production plants in Turkey.


 And, along with all the aforementioned, we should add:

  • The low number of express transport logistical operators in the country.
  • The possibility of offering more competitive prices for transport from Turkey to Europe or Morocco. And doing so with the same trusted logistical operator.


This ‘perfect storm’ made it possible to open up the new ARIN EXPRESS office in Turkey, with its own commercial and operational structure to organise incoming and outgoing freight. To this end, it has the support and coordination of our central headquarters in San Sebastian at all times.

The new delegation in Istanbul will allow us to increase business volume as an express transport company, as well as to further diversify business, thus leading to reduced risk. We will be able to strengthen current clients, and also win over new ones in this country.

To this end, we will draw support from our experience in urgent transport in Morocco over the past 12 years (as far as customs procedures and processes, documentation, insurance, staff hiring, etc. are concerned). The huge steps we have taken will also be very helpful, such as implementing a new ERP and debugging and optimising a working methodology in pursuit of 4 great objectives: speed, effectiveness, transparency and safety with urgent transport for all our clients.


If we can help you with something, please do not hesitate to contact us.