Quality Transport to Turkey Certified to ISO 9001



Quality Transport to Turkey Certified to ISO 9001

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  • Barely a year after opening our headquarters in Istanbul, we obtained the certification that ensures that we also have a good working framework and effective staff in Turkey in order to provide our clients with an optimal express transport service


Although times are tough due to the outbreak of the Covid-19, which has shaken everybody up, at ARIN EXPRESS we are staying upbeat – with the whole team teleworking from home – and we are very happy when we receive good news like this: our headquarters in Istanbul has obtained the ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), barely a year after opening for business, which, in our case, ensures that we have a good working framework and effective staff in order to provide clients with an optimum transport service to Turkey.

It represents an important milestone in what is a strategic enclave for us. We have already obtained this ISO 9001 certification in Spain (at our headquarters in San Sebastián and at our headquarters in Barcelona); in Morocco (we opened the Tangier office in 2006); and now in Turkey. In addition, we have begun the process of obtaining this certification at the recently opened office in Pitești, Romania.

Achieving ISO 9001 in Turkey has required considerable effort (sustained over time) by the entire team, but it has been well worth it for the benefits we are sure it will provide. It is a very laborious process that requires maintaining an exhaustive level of control of documents, operations, etc., throughout the year. The work is then audited by an external certification company’, explains Carlos Zubialde, our Managing Director. In addition to certifying that all ARIN TURKEY procedures are ‘appropriate’, ISO 9001 is a guarantee of the quality of the transport service to Turkey we offer to companies.


Two Decades Dedicated to Express Transport

At ARIN EXPRESS, we have 20 years of experience in the express transport of goods throughout Europe, and we are well aware of the value that large automotive and aeronautical companies (our speciality) place on this type of international standard. It is difficult enough to get to these corporations with ISO 9001, but it is practically impossible without it.

When we set out to inaugurate our new headquarters in Turkey a little over a year ago, we were encouraged by one fact:

  • The need of current ARIN EXPRESS clients in Europe and Morocco, many of them with production plants in Turkey as well, to have a reliable express service to (and from) this country, and at a competitive price.

On the other hand, we were aware of the limited presence of logistics operators of express transport in Turkey, and we knew that having a specialised team in Istanbul would help us to convince new clients as well. But for this we were going to need ISO 9001. We immediately set about achieving this, and our hard work has been rewarded. We have sown the seeds and now we are confident that we can reap the benefits. This new office, in fact, was going from strength to strength until the coronavirus broke out, which has logically disrupted forecasts.

‘Prior to the arrival of the pandemic, we were in a very interesting moment. A few months ago, we hired our new office manager, Ozge, whose experience in transport to Turkey was helping us to expand our business lines, but the health crisis has slowed this growth for now’, Zubialde points out.

We currently have 3 people in the ARIN TURKEY team. They are an autonomous group in their day-to-day work, with their own operational and commercial structure, although they are in permanent contact with the central office, from where they are offered the necessary support in each situation. Telematic meetings with them are held weekly and objectives are also set from San Sebastián. In another post on our blog, we picked up on what, in our opinion, are the 5 essential aspects that make the good transport service we provide to Turkey possible.


If you require transport services to Turkey or Morocco, please contact us. We provide quotes in under 15 minutes.