Transport to Turkey for a growing automotive industry


Transporte a Turquía para una industria automotriz en crecimiento


Transport to Turkey for a growing automotive industry

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  • Companies such as Ford and Toyota manufacture their cars on Turkish territory, and a major project is underway for the domestic production of electric cars

  • All this will undoubtedly strengthen trade links with Europe and will require professional and reliable express transport companies


At ARIN EXPRESS, when we made the decision to open an office in Istanbul to help us manage all transport to Turkey more effectively and efficiently, it was motivated by our own European clients, many of whom had manufacturing plants in Turkey as well and who were demanding an express transport service to (and from) Turkey that they could “trust” and, above all, at a price that was as competitive as possible.

This is a remarkable fact in itself, but there was something else that encouraged us to open our new headquarters in Istanbul: the increasingly active trade relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU) as well as the growth and relevance that the automotive industry has been gaining in the country, with the express transport of this type of components being precisely one of ARIN EXPRESS‘ specialities, in addition to the capital goods of the aeronautical sector.

Major car companies such as Ford and Toyota manufacture their vehicles in Turkey, and this country has also made a solid commitment to boosting the domestic automotive industry with the manufacturing of its own electric cars. The TOGG brand (acronym for Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu / Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group) is scheduled to be marketed in 2022. The project is backed by a group of five major Turkish companies (Anadolu Group, Kıraca Holding, BMC, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding), supported in turn by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

“This is a historic day, where a 60-year-old dream comes true”, stated the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the presentation of the first prototypes in an event held in Gebze a few months ago. The manufacturing plant will be located in the province of Brusa, near Istanbul, and will employ about 4,300 people. TOGG CEO Gurcan Karakas said the goal is to market at least five different car models over the next 15 years.

The automotive sector is gaining strength in Turkey – the industry had already reached its production record of over one million units by 2017 as well as an export record – a boom that will certainly deepen trade ties with Europe and require an even more professional and reliable express road transport network to (and from) Turkey.

Some information that demonstrate the importance of the EU as a provider to Turkey and vice versa (the source is the Economic and Commercial Report prepared by the Economy and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy, in Ankara, updated in May 2019):

  • The EU is the main destination for Turkish exports, with around 50% of the total. Clients include Germany (9.3%), United Kingdom (6.2%), Italy (5.7%), Spain (5%) and Iraq (4.9%). The main products exported are automobiles and tractors; machines and mechanical devices; iron and steel; and electrical devices.
  • Turkey’s strong economic development also forces it to continuously import capital goods and technology from Europe.


The importance of having a good transport network to Turkey, with experienced and reliable professionals, is therefore essential. It was clear to us at ARIN EXPRESS and that is why we decided to open a branch in Istanbul.

In addition, we have recently received the ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees that we have a good work framework and effective staff in this country to provide companies with an optimal express transport service. We already had this certification in Spain (San Sebastian and Barcelona) and Morocco (Tangier), and we have started the procedures to obtain it also in the recently inaugurated office of Pitești, in Romania.

One of the main goals of this office in Pitești, at least initially, will precisely be to help us optimise the routes to and from Turkey, as explained by Mikel Urdiain, our General Manager: “The team in Romania will help us to optimise the provider database, making a selection according to a series of parameters. We will keep only those collaborators who meet these requirements, in order to guarantee the highest quality in the express transport service. We want to boost the transports to and from Turkey, and in order to succeed, Romania is a very important platform”. Urdiain points out.

Turkey will need secure express transport companies and at ARIN EXPRESS, we are more than ready. We offer:

  • Our transport expertise to Morocco for almost 15 years helped us to offer the same quality service in Turkey.
  • OWN OFFICE IN ISTANBUL.Offering an operational and commercial structure to organise the entry and exit of goods, and an advisory service to companies in all matters relating to the necessary customs documentation.


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