We are teleworking and keeping road operations moving



We are teleworking and keeping road operations moving

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The pandemic generated by COVID-19 is causing a radical change in both personal and professional communications. The consequences on economic activity are of a magnitude never seen before, resulting in total shutdowns in a large majority of industrial sectors.

This situation is conditioning our express transport activity not only in Europe but also in markets where Arin Express is the outright leader, such as transport in Morocco or Turkey. But goods transport cannot stop, Arin Express cannot stop because we are a key industry in society right now.

In order to continue offering our service at Arin Express we have activated our emergency action plan with the double objective of continuing to offer our services and preserving the safety of our staff. To this end, as of Sunday, 15 March, we implemented the emergency protocol to enable 100% of our operations, administration, provider or commercial staff to telework without service being affected.


Everyone Teleworking

The purpose of Arin Express’ emergency and safety protocol is to have 100% of our staff performing their daily operations in teleworking mode during the state of emergency. Therefore, with the support of our own ERP and with the collaboration of our telephone and IT providers, we have been able to provide each worker with the appropriate security access in order for them to carry out their day-to-day work without clients being affected.

In this way both our 24-hour telephone number +34 943 36 09 45 and our contact e-mail info@arinexpress.com have been and will continue to be fully operational in order to handle all incoming requests and queries.


Keeping road operations moving

On the other hand, our wide range of providers continue to carry out all the operations requested by our clients, while complying with Covid-19 safety regulations and fighting against the restrictions that some countries have established on their borders.

We knew that the providers we have at Arin Express always showed great professionalism in the execution of our transport services but it has been in extreme situations when they have demonstrated their full value and professionalism, for which we feel very proud at Arin Express.

We will continue to maintain our service commitment to all our clients by adapting to any new situations established by the authorities and by preserving the safety and integrity of all components of Arin Express.