We Control the Quality of our Logistics Partners


Cuidamos la calidad de nuestros socios logísticos


We Control the Quality of our Logistics Partners

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  • We rigorously assess each new ARIN EXPRESS provider according to a series of control parameters on available operational means (vehicles, etc.) and other legal issues

  • We give each new collaborator a score that is reviewed after each transport service it carries out, according to certain variables such as compliance with agreed deadlines, sent information reports or geolocation management


We have been committed to express transport for 20 years in countries as complex as Morocco, which has hardened and taught us some important lessons. One of them is the high value that companies give to TRUST when putting themselves in the hands of an express transport company. The final price for the service is decisive, of course, but it is a fact that more and more companies are willing to assume a higher cost (not extremely high, mind you) in exchange for a HIGH-QUALITY transport service. In other words:

  • In exchange for getting the certainty that, except in case of a catastrophe, the pickup and delivery of their goods will be made in due time and manner, without any unexpected event.
  • In exchange for absolutely transparent information when the slightest incident occurs.

ARIN EXPRESS generally deals with situations of maximum urgency that do not allow for improvisation. There must be no loose ends. Generally, large industrial, aeronautical, and automotive companies need to receive loads containing important components to avoid stopping production in their plants. Therefore, these companies need efficient and reliable express transport partners.

Logically, we earn the companies’ trust by providing them with an optimal service. Additionally, to achieve excellence, we must carefully collaborate with our external professionals, both self-employed drivers and other logistics companies. We must be certain that they are great, responsible, and committed professionals that will not fail us. Not all options are worth.


Assessing a New Provider

How do we ensure the responsibility, solvency, and commitment of the professionals we work with?

To begin with, we always rigorously assess each potential logistics provider that contacts us. We have established a series of control parameters such as:

  1. Operational means: vehicle(s), 24-hour customer service, geolocated fleet, etc.
  2. Legal and labour aspects: registration certificate of each vehicle, copy of the CMR transport insurance and the Macron Law (in case of developing activities in France, which is usual), among others.

If, after reviewing these parameters, the new provider gets past the screening, our team gives it a score that is updated after completing each transport service, according to certain variables such as compliance with agreed deadlines, sent information reports, geolocation management… This is how we evaluate the service quality.

The initial score may increase or decrease depending on the fulfilment of objectives. Finally, that score is added to a comparative KPI containing information on other logistics partners, allowing us to have a real-time picture of the collaborators’ situation at all times and facilitating the decision-making process.

Besides, we have established different communication protocols in case any kind of incident occurs during the clients’ transport to promote transparency. The first protocol establishes that the driver must immediately inform of the issue, using the established channels, so that our Customer Service or Providers Departments can take control of the situation and, depending on its severity, open communication channels with the client and act jointly to solve the incident immediately.


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